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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time to watch after we fell on Netflix?

The After franchise continues with the third movie After We Fell. It was released in theaters in September 2021, and it’s almost time to watch it on Netflix. Tessa has a big decision to make.

Is after we Collided on Netflix?

Those of you in the UK will be thrilled to learn that all three of the After movies are currently streaming on Netflix. The third entry – After We Fell – was added on Monday, January 17th 2022. After We Collided and After We Fell are also available on Amazon Prime Video UK. For US fans, they’re all currently streaming on Netflix too.

Is'after we fell'coming to Netflix?

As always, the streamer never fails to offer a surplus of content, but perhaps the most-anticipated new arrival is the Netflix premiere of After We Fell.

Is ‘we fell’ on Netflix?

After We Fell hit theaters on Sept. 30, 2021, but plenty of people stayed home since the looming concerns of COVID-19 are still rampant. Fans of the franchise were likely holding onto the hope that the movie would be released to Netflix pretty quickly. For some, this particular thought made a trip to the theater seem less urgent.

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