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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the wildfires in Greece?

Deadly wildfires in southern Greece wafted thick clouds of smoke over the Ionian Sea and southward to the Mediterranean in late August 2007. A line of fires stretches along the western coast of Greece’s Peloponnesus Peninsula.

Is there a fire in Athens?

Scores of fires have been reported - but one blaze in the northern suburb of Athens is said to have subsided, reports BBC News. Fires in the Peloponnese region are also said to be stable. What's happening in Greece?

Are fires targeting Greece?

Fires have also swept through the southern and western coast of Turkey where at least eight people were killed. The Greek authorities have warned of further fires to come as six areas have been put on high alert. Wildfires are burning into their tenth day in Turkey but, the worst of the blazes now appears to be targeting Greece.

Where are wildfires happening in Europe?

Similar scenes are being seen in several other EU nations. Italy and Turkey have been plagued by wildfires, with hundreds of thousands of acres burned. Albania and North Macedonia have also been affected by outbreaks due to soaring temperatures.

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