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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy onion seeds or sets?

Seeds are much cheaper to buy. Seeds can be planted just about any time because they don’t mind the cold. No risk of flowering, will put all energy into growing large onion bulbs. Can store the onions over winter if cured properly. Will be happier and healthier plants because their growth won’t be stopped like sets.

What to do, onions going to seed?

Onions Going to Seed. Remember to snap off onion flowers as they appear. If you let the plants flower they will become woody and unusable. Try to remember which ones started to bolt and use these first as they won’t keep well if you try to store them.

How much seed is required for one acre of onion?

The optimum Onion spacing is 15 cm between the rows and 10 cm between plants. Seeds are drilled on the rows opened at 10cm space and 0.5 to 1cm depth against the bed length and slightly covered with soil. An Onion seed rate of 4 to 5 kg is sufficient for raising seedling required for one-acre land.

How to start onion seeds indoors in peat pellets?

Peat Pellets – you will first need to prepare them for planting according to the instructions on the container. Once ready, open the netting enough to loosen the soil on top a bit, then plant your seeds. Containers – Wet your seed starting mix until it’s wet, but not waterlogged.

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