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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eyeshadow sticks?

Eyeshadow sticks, also known as eyeshadow pens, give you major color payout with minimal effort! Our Color Strike Eyeshadow Pen stays put for up to 12 hours without creasing or melting—a rare, valuable feat for eye makeup, which is notoriously fade-happy.

What's the difference between powder Shadow and eye shadow sticks?

And unlike powder shadows, there's virtually no fallout to anticipate or deal with. In fact, makeup artists like Mehta love using eye shadow sticks as a priming base for other eye shadows. The possibilities don't end there, either.

What is the best cream eyeshadow?

ALL ABOUT OUR BEST CREAM EYESHADOWS... Our Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow can give eyes a subtle hint of tint, or with a few more swipes, deepen into a rich, defined eye look. Plus, it locks in for up to 24-hours of fade, smudge and crease-proof wear. The cushiony formula is virtually goof-proof.

What is the best stick eyeshadow for long lasting wear?

If you need proof, Mehta highly recommends the Kiko Milano Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks, which she says are incredibly pigmented and budge-proof. The rounded tip is perfect for creating rich, even, and all-over color or smudged-out liner.

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