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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alice's name on Raven's home?

Alice is a main character on the Disney Channel series, Raven's Home. She is the daughter of Raven's country cousin, Betty Jane and the granddaughter of Victor's country cousin, Delroy Baxter. She lives with Victor to attend Katherine Johnson Tech, a special school for geniuses. She is portrayed by Mykal-Michelle Harris .

What happened to Raven's cousin Alice?

Now Raven finds herself parenting her parent, raising her young cousin, Alice, who attends a school for gifted children and is wise beyond her years, and settling into life in her old hometown.

What are the names of the cast of Raven's home?

Cast. 1. Jenna Davis, 16 Sienna. 2. Sky Katz, 15 Tess. 3. Raven-Symoné, 34 Raven Baxter. 4. Navia Robinson, 15 Nia Baxter-Carter. 5. Issac Ryan Brown, 15 ... Raven's Home Popularity TV Show #32. TV Show Premiered in 2017 #4. TV Show Premiered on July 21 #1. Disney TV Show #8. Comedy TV Show #17. Raven's Home Fans Also Viewed

Who is Alana from that's So Raven on the real?

The Real host is a blast from the past for That's So Raven fans as she's reprising her role as Alana, Baxter's former high school bully. But even as grownups, Houghton's character manages to make Baxter's life quite dramatic after she learns Alana's the principal at Bayside High School.

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