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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current governor of Montana?

The current governor is Republican Greg Gianforte, who took office on January 4, 2021. Prior to the creation of Montana Territory (1864–1889), numerous areas of what is now Montana were areas of Oregon Territory (1848–1859), Washington Territory (1853–1863), Idaho Territory (1863–1864), and Dakota Territory (1861–1864).

What type of government does Montana have?

STATE GOVERNMENT: As in the case of the federal government, Montana's state government is organized into three branches - legislative, executive, and judicial. The state government is a product of three documents: the United States Constitution, the Montana State Constitution, and laws of the state.

Who is the Secretary of State of Montana?

The current secretary, Christi Jacobsen, took office in January 2021 and is the 22nd person to hold the office since Montana became a state in 1889. In 1992, the Constitution was amended to limit the Secretary of State and other top officials to two 4-year terms in a 16-year period. The duties and functions of the Secretary of State are diverse.

What is the Montana law?

The law prohibits discrimination based on vaccination status or having an immunity passport. The law will be published as part of the Montana Human Rights Act in Title 49, chapter 2, part 3 of the Montana Code Annotated.

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