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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix Facebook having issues on video playing?

Fix 1: Reset the video autoplay feature. As you know, Facebook offers a feature to automatically start playing videos that can also lead to Facebook having issues with the video playback. To fix this, you can just go to your phone's Settings > Facebook > Auto Play and turn the feature off.

Why can I not watch videos on Facebook?

The video will not play on the Facebook app and would be stuck on the loading screen.There is no audio on Facebook videos.There are missing fragments while playing the video.The Facebook video freezes in between unexpectedly.Facebook video gets a black screen instead of its playback.Audio-video components are not synced correctly.More items...

Why is my video not working on Facebook?

Something’s not working with my camera, microphone or speakers for video calling on Facebook.Make sure that your camera and microphone are turned on. ...Make sure that your computer has selected any external camera, microphone or speakers that you’re using.Make sure that your microphone isn't on mute.Make sure that the program has permission to access your camera, microphone or speakers. ...

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