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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wide open school?

The broadly international character of the Wide Open School faculty is a significant part of this project, reflecting the historical urgency for us to actively learn from different cultures and different parts of the world. Wide Open School takes place in classrooms built in the Hayward’s gallery spaces.

What is the Hayward Gallery’s Wide Open School?

The Hayward Gallery’s Wide Open School is an unusual experiment in learning. Its programme of classes is devised and delivered by over 100 artists from approximately 40 different countries. It is not an art school however.

What is a whole day workshop?

A whole day workshop in two parts, the outcome of which is that drawings created by the artist and participants are then given away for free but subject to various specific conditions - for example, the owner or 'holder' of the drawing commits to give it away to the first person who asks them a question that they cannot answer.

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