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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a free wiki?

Steps Find a website where you can make a free wiki like Wikidot, Wikia or Wikis by Wetpaint. Have an idea what you want your wiki to be like. Make sure that there isn't a wiki for your topic already. Create an account. Edit your userpage so people know who you are. Customize the wiki. Create the front page.

What is an example of a wiki?

The word is Internet slang. The word Wiki is short for WikiWikiWeb. Wikiwiki is a word from the Hawaiian language, meaning "fast" or "speed". Examples of wikis include Wikipedia, Citizendium, and Conservapedia.

What to do in the wiki?

A wiki is part online database, part collaborative content management system. It pools together the knowledge of a group of people to create the best possible resource available on the web, making a wiki both a source for information gathering and a place to share knowledge. Most websites are similar to a newspaper.

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