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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Windows phones have apps?

Windows Phone actually has more Quality Utility apps compared to Android. Anybody can upload any app in Google playstore. But Windows Store will have only those apps verified by Microsoft. Tools and Games which are popular in Windows platform comes first in Windows Platform.

Is there Snapchat app for Windows Phone?

There is no longer a Snapchat app for Windows Phone. Snapchat is currently compatible with all major mobile platforms. 1. can windows phones get snapchat? 2. why is snapchat not on windows phone?

Is Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone?

One of the big reasons Microsoft is giving up on Windows Phone is because developers never backed the platform. Microsoft had many problems with its Windows Phone app store, and the inability to retain apps once they were developed. “We have tried very hard to incent app devs,” explains Belfiore.

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