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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is retiring from the Wisner News-Chronicle?

Two letters of resignation were accepted by the Wisner-Pilger Board of Education at their monthly meeting on Monday night. After 49 years of deadlines and headlines, Marilyn Raabe hung up her pica pole and retired from the Wisner News-Chronicle on Jan. 29.

What was the unannounced safety sweep at Wisner-Pilger?

On Feb. 25, Wisner-Pilger Junior-Senior High School held a planned, unannounced safety sweep in conjunction with the Nebraska State Patrol K-9 unit, Cuming County Sherriff’s Department and the Wisner Police Department.

What's new at Wisner Lutheran Church?

Pastor Jared Hartman told the Wisner City Council Monday that St. Paul Lutheran Church has installed a new sound system in the bell tower which will play music during the day, on weekends, and for weddings, church services and celebrations.

When is the Wisner Junior Livestock Show?

The Wisner Junior Livestock Show will be held June 24 – 27 in conjunction with the 150th celebration. The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District’s board of directors isn’t short of opinions to consider regarding its proposed groundwater management area for parts of Cuming, Dodge and Colfax counties.

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