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Frequently Asked Questions

Which jacket should I wear with my dress?

If you love wearing dresses, but you either don’t like to show off your upper arms, or you need a bit of extra warmth, a cropped jacket could provide the answer. Another style classic, but with a much more casual vibe is the short jean jacket. I love a denim jacket for its versatility.

What to wear with a short dress?

The ideal transitional piece, it can be used to add an edge to any ensemble—even if that outfit includes a floral print. For parties, outings, and playful events, a leather jacket (especially one with a traditional, cropped silhouette) will pair perfectly with any short dress.

How to wear a coat with a dress?

Longer lengths and loose cuts are used to draw attention to the silhouette of the dress. Coats are essential garments that accentuate the shape of your dress instead of hiding it. Mid-length coats or maxi coats are best paired with shorter dresses or mini skirts. Go for longer coats when paired with flared or peplum-style dresses.

Can you wear a trench coat with a dress?

(Pun intended.) Trench coats are among the most versatile jackets to wear with dresses. Through World War I, the coat was a part of army officers' uniforms, giving a more casual look to the military's strict dress code. Now, we’re bombarded with trench coats all over the street-style circuit, thanks to today's top designers.

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