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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of wound care?

The basics of wound care are the following: 1) Keep the wound clean. 2) Keep the wound moist. 3) Keep the wound well nourished, which implies reducing or eliminating edema and keeping pressure off the wound. The wound can simply be washed once or twice daily with soap to help achieve and maintain wound cleanliness.

What are the principles of wound care?

To ensure proper healing, the wound bed needs to be well vascularized, free of devitalized tissue, clear of infection, and moist. Wound dressings should eliminate dead space, control exudate, prevent bacterial overgrowth, ensure proper fluid balance, be cost-efficient, and be manageable for the patient and/or nursing staff.

What to expect from wound care?

Increased redness, swelling and/or pain around wound. Increased wound drainage, including pus or cloudy fluid. A foul odor or abnormal smell. Fever and chills or general weakness. Tenderness at or in the area of infected bone. Wound grows larger or won't heal.

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