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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wrwras approved solenoid actuated valve?

WRAS approved solenoid actuated valves either brass, stainless steel or plastic for use with UK, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales mains water, potable water and potable drinking water systems.

Is the Sirai l182d valve WRAS approved?

SIRAI L182D WRAS Approved Solenoid Valves – 2/2 Normally Closed Pilot Operated – refer to downloads opposite for specification, performance and ordering details about SIRAI WRAS Approved valves. Like this slideshow? Why not share!

Do I need a water approval for a water solenoid valve?

Potable water or Drinking WRAS water solenoid valves that connect directly to UK and Euro zone mains water supply require the appropriate water approvals.

Why sisirai solenoid valves?

SIRAI solenoid valves provide effective flow control of water, air, inert gases, refrigerant gas, steam and non-aggressive fluids – the strong compact valve body and technical specification provide reduced overall dimensions, reduced installation times and reduced maintenance for process instrumentation in non-hazardous location applications.

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