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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6 strategies for reading comprehension?

Lesson Directions. Step 1: Review the six reading comprehension strategies by using all during a modeled think-aloud reading. I use an overhead of a short passage found in an old science textbook that is no longer in use. The six strategies are: Connecting. Visualizing. Questioning. Inferring.

What to read to help your reading comprehension?

1. Read the first and last sentences of the paragraph. If you need to comprehend a short, 1-2 paragraph length passage, start by taking a look at the first and last sentences of the paragraph. As you might know from school, these are called the "topic sentence" and "conclusion sentence."

What are the goals for reading comprehension?

Reading Goals: Strategies for Comprehension. General goal for comprehension: Students will increase in the use of cognitive strategies to build knowledge from text. Evidence of strategy use will be based on frequency, appropriateness and effectiveness of the use of strategies, and the complexity of texts to which strategies are applied.

How do I improve my reading comprehension skills?

To improve your reading comprehension, start by getting rid of any distractions, like a TV or music, so that you can focus on reading. Next, try reading the text out loud to get the benefit of both seeing and hearing the words. Then, as you read, take notes about important characters, themes, or any questions you have.

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