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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the radio hosts on WVLT?

Webber worked at WVLT until his death in May 2010, just a few weeks shy of his 81st birthday. "Crazy Bob" Madara was a former morning drive personality on WVLT. During Hurricane Isaias, WVLT's transmitter was struck by lightning and it caused some damage to the transmitting equipment.

What is the name of the radio station in Vineland NJ?

WVLT (92.1 FM, "Cruisin' 92.1") is a radio station licensed to Vineland, New Jersey. It airs an Oldies music format. This morning Lou Costello made another veiled political reference. It’s an inappropriate venue to mention political parties or preferences. If I wanted hear them, I’d listen to talk radio instead.

What is the history of WDVL-FM?

WVLT, 92.1 on your dial, first came on the airwaves as WDVL-FM in October of 1968. Husband and wife, Mortimer and Vivian Hendrickson trading under the corporate name of "Delsea Broadcasters" owned the station at that time.

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