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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with the WVLT news app?

Get the best features from WVLT News rolled into a mobile experience that's a must on your Android. Read and watch the latest news, then share it by email, text, Twitter or Facebook. Be in the know when you're on the go with the WVLT News app. This app is ad supported.

Is Aldrich still free to work at WVLT?

WVLT argues Aldrich still is free to work at any Knoxville media outlet in an off-camera capacity, or on-air in Chattanooga, the Tri-Cities or elsewhere.

Should you donate to WVLT GoFundMe campaign?

Aldrich is encouraging people to donate to the fundraiser and has posted about the GoFundMe campaign multiple times on his Facebook page. A petition urging viewers to boycott WVLT also has garnered nearly 700 signatures.

Why is David Aldrich suing WVLT?

Former WVLT-TV Channel 8 Chief Meteorologist David Aldrich is suing the news station, seeking to free himself from a noncompete clause in his contract that he claims has kept him from finding work since the company fired him in April.

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