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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xavier High School Magazine?

XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL THE MAGAZINE FOR ALUMNI, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS OF XAVIER HIGH SCHOOL Leading with Integrity Dermot Shea ’86 Peter and the Starcatcher The Xavier Dramatics Society brought the Tony Award-winning play to Keenan Commons the first weekend of December, telling a tale spun in the 2004 novel of the same name.

What is Xavier University known for?

“Xavier prides itself on being a school that produces students who are loving, open to growth, and committed to doing justice. This work challenges our students, faculty, and administration to live up to those concepts.

Is Xavier High School a ‘big equalizer?

“A place like Xavier is a big equalizer,” Hampton told Xavier Magazine. “ [But] a lot of Black students don’t have access to a [place like] Xavier High School, not because they lack the educational fortitude, but because they can’t afford it,” he added.

Who is the headmaster of Xavier High School?

Xavier High School Jack Raslowsky P’16 President Michael LiVigni P’21 Headmaster Rev. John Replogle, S.J. ’51 Assistant to the President Shawna Gallagher Vega, APR Director of Communications Editor, Xavier Magazine

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