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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did St. Francis Xavier become a saint?

St. Francis Xavier is considered the greatest missionary since the time of the Apostles, and the zeal he displayed, the wonderful miracles he performed, and the great number of souls he brought to the light of the true Faith, entitle him to this distinction.

What were St Francis Xavier's miracles?

Saint Francis Xavier traveled to many different places on his missions and it was during those missions that he was credited with his miracles. He is credited with a number of resurrections. On the Fishery Coast when he was about to begin Mass in a small church at Coimbatur, a crowd entered with the corpse of a boy who had been drowned in a well.

What is Saint Francis Xavier famous for?

St. Francis Xavier was a Jesuit missionary best known for the thousands of people he brought to conversion and Baptism in India and Japan. In a letter he wrote from the missionary fields in India, he described the amount of people he Baptized in vivid language:

What was Saint Francis Xavier the patron saint of?

Legacy. Francis Xavier is the patron saint of his native Navarre, which celebrates his feast day on 3 December as a government holiday. In addition to Roman Catholic Masses remembering Xavier on that day (now known as the Day of Navarra), celebrations in the surrounding weeks honour the region's cultural heritage.

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