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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Xavier Wulf the rapper?

Xavier Beard (born October 24, 1992), popularly known as Xavier Wulf, is an American rapper from East Memphis, Tennessee. Wulf first entered the rap game in his late teens as Ethelwulf, producing at home and distributing his music online.

Where is Xavier from?

Xavier was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was originally a member of the Raider Klan, alongside Chris Travis and Eddy Baker, and was originally known as "Ethel Wulf" and released his first album, The Wolf Gang's Rodolphe, in 2012.

What are the top 5 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb songs?

Spotlight 1 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb - RUDE DOG (INTRO) 53.6K 2 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb - HOLD STEADY 87.8K 3 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb - CLUB TAVERN 78.9K 4 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb - WHATS IT GON BE 61.6K 5 Xavier Wulf & Quintin Lamb - BLACK AF 1 51.7K

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