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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Xavier Wulf?

Xavier Wulf is an American rapper who hails from East Memphis, Tennessee. Once known as Ethelwulf, Wulf was a member of the rap outfit Raider Klan releasing his debut mixtape in 2012 titled “The Wolf Gang’s Rodolphe”.

When is Xavier Wulf performing at Neumos?

YO WULF YOUR SHOW WAS LIT ASFF DM ME AT @817erik yuh yuh HOLLOW SQUAD [hs] Can’t wait for your next one stay safe and keep tha music coming out Xavier Wulf will be performing near you at Neumos on Thursday 09 September 2021 as part of their tour, and are scheduled to play 4 concerts across 1 country in 2021-2022.

When did Xavier Wulf release his first mixtape?

He was soon invited to become a member of the rap outfit Raider Klan and released his debut mixtape in 2012 titled “ The Wolf Gang’s Rodolphe ”. Wulf later left the Klan and dropped Ethelwulf for Xavier Wulf towards the beginning of 2013, taking a more serious direction in his music.

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