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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chinese zodiac animal for 1982?

So, the 1982 Chinese zodiac is Dog. The Dog is the 11th zodiac sign in the Chinese zodiac format which comes before the Pig and after the Rooster. Just like the dogs, 1982 born zodiac Dogs are also loyal, amiable, honest and very kind in nature. They are also very prudent and cautious in nature.

What was the animal in Chinese New Year 1982?

People born in the year of 1982 (Jan. 25, 1982 - Feb. 12, 1983) are members of the Water Dog. For those born before Jan. 25, 1982, they belong to the zodiac animal of Metal Rooster.

What year did the Chinese zodiac start?

What year did the Chinese zodiac start? The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve animals that first appeared in the Zhan Guo period [5th century B.C.] . No one knows the exact date as of when the...

What is the Chinese calendar animal for the year 1983?

Chinese calendar is primarily a lunar calendar, according to which only people born from February 13 to December 31 in 1983 are the Water Pig, those born from January 1 to February 12 in 1983 are Water Dog. Water Pig born in 1983 will have good luck in career and wealth in 2022, but the fortune in and relationship and health is just so-so.

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