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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between yearly and annual?

The main difference between "Annual" & "Yearly" is that the word "annual" is used in the function "pertaining to the year," and it is more used as an adjective than "yearly," while "yearly" is used in the function "once in a year," and" is used more as an adverb. Also, "yearly" will always be connected with the verb used in the sentence.

What is the definition of yearly?

1. done, occurring, appearing, etc., once each year. 2. computed or determined by the year: yearly interest. 3. pertaining to a year or to each year. 4. once a year; annually.

How can you use yearly in a sentence?

Happening or produced once a year or every year, especially without fail “It was a very good day, so good that the trip became a yearly tradition well into my college years.” “Younger consultants were more likely to value an increase in yearly income compared with older consultants.”

What is the origin of the word yearly?

The word "Annual" comes from the Late Latin word "annualis," then evolved from the old French word "annuel," which means "yearly." The meaning of the word "Annual" will always depend on the context. Also, it is good to know it could be used as an adjective or as a noun. As an adjective, annual means something that happens once every year.

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