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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix OneDrive sync issues on Mac?

Fix OneDrive sync issues on MacOS. 1 Make sure the OneDrive process is running. Look for the OneDrive icon on the right side of the menu bar. 2 Restart OneDrive. Select the OneDrive icon on the menu bar, then select Quit OneDrive. Use Spotlight to search for OneDrive and reopen it. 3 Update the OneDrive sync app for Mac.

How do I set up OneDrive on my Mac?

1 Install OneDrive for Mac . 2 Start OneDrive by pressing cmd+Space to launch a Spotlight query and type . This starts OneDrive Setup. 3 Enter your work or school account and then select Sign in to set up your account. See More...

How do I deploy the OneDrive Sync app to Mac users?

There are two basic ways that you, as an administrator, can deploy the OneDrive sync app to Mac users in your organization: Install and set up the OneDrive sync app by following the instructions in Sync files with OneDrive on macOS. To install the OneDrive sync app for Mac, a user has to be an administrator on the Mac.

How do I Reset my OneDrive app?

Quit OneDrive. (Select the cloud icon in the top tray, then select Settings > Quit OneDrive .) Find OneDrive in your Applications folder. Right-click OneDrive and select Show Package Contents. Browse to the Contents > Resources folder. Double-click ResetOneDriveApp.command (or ResetOneDriveAppStandalone.command, if you're using the standalone app).

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