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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Health and safety?

Introduction: Health and Safety plays vital part in our personal and work life and the environment around us. The Awareness of H&S is important for us in order to perform our day to day activities ...

What are the arguments for Health and safety?

There are moral, legal, and financial arguments for health and safety. Often a combination of all three apply. Failing to comply with legal responsibilities can lead to fines and accidents which cost money, and damage the businesses (and employers) reputation.

What do you mean by general health and safety?

General Health and Safety. Occupational health and safety refers to programs, guidelines and procedures that protect the safety, welfare and health of any person engaged in work or employment.

What is the purpose of Occupational Health and safety?

The overall goal of any health and safety program is to create the ultimate safe working environment and to reduce the risk of accidents, injuries and fatalities on the job. Occupational health and safety also protects the health of customers and the general public as well as anyone else that might be affected by the particular working environment.

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