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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hits did Auld Lang Syne have?

Over their long career, Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians had over 500 hit songs. In fact by the early 1970s total sales exceeded 300 million, making it the most popular dance band ever. Their recording of Auld Lang Syne still plays as the first song of the New Year of Times Square in New York.

When was Guy Lombardo's last New Years Eve?

Guy Lombardo is known for many things, but surely his signature was New Year's Eve. On December 31st 1976, Barbara Frum and Alan Maitland of As It Happens talked to him as he was preparing for the big extravaganza. It was Guy Lombardo's last New Year as he died the following November, 1977.

What kind of music did Guy Lombardo play?

Guy and the band cultivated a trademark sound early on that people loved almost as soon as they heard it. It was considered revolutionary at the time: the soft, mellow saxophones, muted trumpets, slow tempos, symphonic style always presented with top-notch musicianship. His concerts were elegant affairs.

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