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Frequently Asked Questions

How many police officers does Ypsilanti Township have?

Ypsilanti Township contracts for 38 Police Service Units (PSU) which includes 38 sheriff's deputies, 6 sergeants and 1 lieutenant.

Did Ypsilanti Man lead police on chase through Monroe County?

MONROE COUNTY, MI – An Ypsilanti man was arrested Tuesday morning after leading police in a chase through Monroe County in a stolen school bus, police say.

Where can I get a gun permit in Ypsilanti?

The Ypsilanti Police Department is now providing finger printing services. Learn how to utilize this service. Gun Purchase Permits can be obtained on Monday-Thursday between 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. There is no fee. Effective February 1, 2006, Michigan law regarding criminal records has changed.

What does the director of Ypsilanti Township do?

Director Radzik also acts as a liaison between Township residents and the Sheriff's Office and is consulted about decisions on resource allocation. Ypsilanti Township is committed to providing professional and courteous law enforcement services for Township residents, business owners and visitors.

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