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Frequently Asked Questions

What to make with zucchini?

Directions Preheat oven to 375° and grease a large baking dish with olive oil. Make the Noodles: Slice two sides of each zucchini lengthwise to create two flat sides. Using a vegetable peeler, slice each zucchini into thin flat strips, peeling until you reach the center.

Do zucchini noodles taste like spaghetti?

Zucchini noodles have the right texture, but they do taste of zucchini. I like zucchini well enough that I usually prepare my zucchini noodles with just a little bit of olive oil and garlic, but I would imagine that they would taste more like regular noodles if you use a more assertive sauce.

What to do with all that zucchini?

Throw it in a fritter with carrots or simmer it with coconut milk into a curry — zucchini can handle it. Mint, basil, thyme: Zucchini loves the entire herb family. When all else fails, hollow it out and use zucchini as a boat for eggs, cheese, or a medley of other vegetables.

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