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Frequently Asked Questions

What to make with zucchini?

Directions Preheat oven to 375° and grease a large baking dish with olive oil. Make the Noodles: Slice two sides of each zucchini lengthwise to create two flat sides. Using a vegetable peeler, slice each zucchini into thin flat strips, peeling until you reach the center.

What to do with fresh zucchini?

Add raw zucchini to lettuce and pasta salads. Cut zucchini into sticks and serve with a dip. Slice zucchini, saute in oil over medium heat for about 5 minutes until tender crisp; toss into heated pasta sauce for a veggie-packed pasta topping.

What to eat with zucchini?

The best way to eat zucchini is to consume is raw. However, salads and raw dishes are not the only way to enjoy this healthy summer squash. You can add zucchini to your muffins and cakes, soups, tacos and other entrees.

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