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Frequently Asked Questions

What does zxcvbnm mean?

Top definition. zxcvbnm. when some one cleaning the dust from his key board when the computer is on. qwertyuiop,zxcvbnm. #cleaning#asdfghjkl#qwertyuiop#dust#keyboard. by unknown_shadow June 24, 2010. 481250. Get a zxcvbnm mug for your dog Manafort.

What are the advantages of zxcvbn?

More flexible: zxcvbn allows many password styles to flourish so long as it detects sufficient complexity — passphrases are rated highly given enough uncommon words, keyboard patterns are ranked based on length and number of turns, and capitalization adds more complexity when it's unpredictaBle.

When do I need zxcvbn?

Most sites will only need zxcvbn on a few pages (registration, password reset). Most sites won't need zxcvbn() immediately upon page load; since zxcvbn() is typically called in response to user events like filling in a password, there's ample time to fetch zxcvbn.js after initial html/css/js loads and renders.

What is the latency of zxcvbn?

zxcvbn operates below human perception of delay for most input: ~5-20ms for ~25 char passwords on modern browsers/CPUs, ~100ms for passwords around 100 characters. To bound runtime latency for really long passwords, consider sending zxcvbn () only the first 100 characters or so of user input.

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