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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sets the academic calendar at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

Establishment of the academic calendar for the University of Wisconsin-Madison falls within the authority of the faculty as set forth in Faculty Policies and Procedures. Construction of the academic calendar is subject to various rules and guidelines prescribed by the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate, and State of Wisconsin legislation.

Is UW online learning in session on holidays?

* See UW Online Learning for drop and refund information associated with Online Learning courses offered by UW Professional & Continuing Education. Classes are not in session on the following holidays. All offices and most University buildings are also closed. Admission Application for Summer Only Nonmatriculated Students.

When will registration for students dropped spring 2020 be canceled?

* Autumn registration for students dropped Spring 2020 will be canceled on Aug 21, 2020. For Washington’s holiday and observance calendar, please review the Washington State Council of Presidents Holiday and Observance Calendar

What are the dates for the 2021 spring semester?

Jan 18, 2021 (Monday) Spring semester instruction begins: Jan 25, 2021 (Monday) No classes: Mar 27, 2021 (Saturday) No classes: April 2 (Friday) – April 3 (Saturday), 2021: Classes resume: Apr 5, 2021 (Monday) Last class day: Apr 30, 2021 (Friday) Study day: May 1, 2021 (Saturday) Exams: May 2 (Sunday)-May 7 (Friday) 2021

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