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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the 69th ADA do?

Mission: 69th ADA Brigade rapidly deploys highly trained units worldwide to protect designated forces and geopolitical assets from aerial attacks (Ballistic Missiles, Cruise Missiles, Manned and Un-manned Aircraft) while taking care of our Soldiers, Families and Civilians. COL Henry (BJ) Bennett JR. 69th ADA Brigade Commander

What is the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade?

The 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade is an air defense artillery brigade of the United States Army . 4th Battalion, 5th Air Defense Artillery.

When was the 69th Coast Artillery activated?

Reconstituted 16 October 1936 in the Regular Army; concurrently consolidated with the 69th Coast Artillery (constituted 22 January 1926 in the Regular Army and activated 1 February 1930 at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland), and consolidated unit designated as the 69th Coast Artillery

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