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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a certificate for my website?

In practice, a web site operator obtains a certificate by applying to a certificate authority with a certificate signing request. The certificate request is an electronic document that contains the web site name, company information and the public key. The certificate provider signs the request, thus producing a public certificate.

How do I create a certificate with a certificate authority?

Creating a certificate with a Certificate Authority that is not partnered with Key Vault Certificates are composed of three interrelated resources linked together as a Key Vault certificate; certificate metadata, a key, and a secret.

What is the subject field of a certificate?

A trusted certificate authority has signed the certificate. The Subject field of the certificate must identify the primary host name of the server as the Common Name. A certificate may be valid for multiple host names (e.g., a domain and its subdomains.)

What is an end-entity or leaf certificate?

An end-entity or leaf certificate is any certificate that cannot sign other certificates. For instance, TLS/SSL server and client certificates, email certificates, code signing certificates, and qualified certificates are all end-entity certificates.

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