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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to AANP certification?

To access the AANP Certification Login, A candidate can visit the official login page of the AANP Certification login page given below. AANP Membership site login and AANP Certification login sites are managed separately, and the login credentials of one website will not work on the other site.

How do I join AANP?

Candidates must first create an online account to apply for certification. Go to “Begin Certification” on the home page of the AANP Portal to begin the application process. Candidates can also use the Application forms on paper if they are not interested in applying online.

What are the benefits of AANP certification?

AANP certification allows FNPs or AGNPs to practice in any medical environment in any state and be eligible to receive reimbursement from insurance companies such as Medicare and Medicaid.

How do I renew my AANP membership?

Two Options for the Renewal of AANP Rertification. Recertify through Clinical Practice hours and continuing education (CE). Applicants must have at least 1,000 hours of clinical training as a Nurse Practitioner job in any field through faculty employment, clinical supervision, or volunteering within the five years for certification.

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