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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the abbreviation ABN stand for?

ABN stands for Advanced Beneficiary Notification. An ABN must be signed prior to providing a Medicare service or test to document that the patient is willing to assume responsibility for payment of services that Medicare may not cover when subject to either National or Local Coverage Determinations (NCD) or (LCD).

What is the purpose of an ABN?

1 Answer. The purpose of the ABN is to: • Inform a Medicare beneficiary, before he or she receives specified items or services that otherwise might be paid for, that Medicare probably will not pay for them on that particular occasion.

What does ABN mean medical?

An ABN is a Medicare waiver of liability that providers are required to give a Medicare patient for services provided that may not be covered or considered. medically necessary. An ABN is used when service(s) provided may not be reimbursed by Medicare.

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