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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 accounting firms in 2021?

Top 10 Accounting Firms 2021 Firm Name Revenue Number of Employees 7. Grant Thornton $5.72 billion 56,000 8. Nexia International $4.5 billion 34,000 9. Crowe Horwath $4.3billion 42,000 10. Baker Tilly $4.04 billion 37,000 6 more rows ...

How long has Accounting Today been ranking the top firms?

A recent search through the archives reminded us that Accounting Today has been ranking the top firms in the profession for almost 30 years.

What are the largest public accounting firms?

The big 4 accounting firms are at the top of the list followed by the mid tier accounting firms. Which mid tier accounting firms made the list of the largest public accounting firms this year. The top 10 largest accounting firms by revenue: 1. Deloitte 2. PwC 3. EY 4. KPMG 5. BDO 6. RSM 7. Grant Thornton 8. Nexia International 9. Crowe Horwath 10.

Is PWC a good accounting firm?

The aforementioned PwC comes in at number 2 on the top 10 accounting firms ranking. PwC earned 50.3 billion in revenue. This puts them behind the $59 billion of revenue that Deloitte generated. PwC made 45 billion in 2020. They made $42.4 billion in revenue for 2019 and 40.7 billion in 2018. They made $37.7 billion in revenue for 2017.

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