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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acura financial services?

Acura Financial Services (AFS) helps you weigh options so you can decide what’s right for you. Compare leasing vs. financing, calculate payments and explore Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

What does the Acura logo mean?

The Acura name is derived from the Latin “acu,” meaning mechanically precise or done with precision. The logo is derived from the caliper, a precise design tool representing the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every car.

What is the history of Acura?

The creation of Acura coincided with the introduction of a JDM Honda dealership sales channel, called Honda Clio, which sold luxury vehicles, joining previously established Honda Verno, followed by Honda Primo the following year.

Why buy at Valencia Acura?

“ Valencia Acura is an incredibly well run dealership. From a friendly voice always answering the customer service line, to a fantastic sales manager named Brian Fleming, who never pushed, listened well and taught me more about the process of returning a lease than I could ever find on the internet.... View More ” “ Love the service department.

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