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Frequently Asked Questions

Why service at Acura of ocean?

The factory-trained and certified technicians at Acura of Ocean’s service department have the skills and experience to handle everything from oil changes and filter replacements to transmission and suspension work and beyond. While you’re waiting, feel free to step inside for a complimentary fresh bagel and Colombian coffee.

How do I contact Acura about a non US product?

Non-US Contact Information Acura Client Relations is more than happy to help with U.S. Acura vehicle concerns, but we are unable to address questions about non-U.S. products. Please call the appropriate customer relations group directly:

How does Acura financial services make a decision on my application?

Once you submit your application online, Acura Financial Services will run a credit bureau report and will attempt to return a decision immediately—while you are online. If a decision cannot be rendered within 30 seconds, AFS will forward the application and credit bureau report to a credit analyst for review.

Can I purchase a car through Acura when I request a quote?

Acura respects your busy schedule and truly appreciates your business. If you have not heard from your Certified dealer within 24 hours of your Quote Request, please call them directly by phone. Am I purchasing a car through Acura when I request a quote? No. Your initial request is submitted directly to your selected Acura dealer.

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