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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Acura make a hybrid SUV?

Acura recently announced that it would be adding the MDX Sport Hybrid to its lineup. This is Acura’s first ever hybrid SUV. It is engineered for customers who want the ultimate driving experience with advanced technologies and three rows of seating.

What is Acura models have AWD?

Three iterations of SH-AWD exist. The most common one is for gas engine-only models, including the Acura MDX midsize SUV, RDX compact SUV, and TLX sport sedan. The less common one is for hybrid models, including the MDX Sport Hybrid and RLX Sport Hybrid (discontinued for 2021).

Is Acura a brand of Honda?

Acura is a brand name used by the Japanese car maker Honda in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and China since March 1986 to market luxury automobiles and near-luxury vehicles. The brand will be expanded to the Japanese domestic market in 2008.

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