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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Acura a foreign car?

Adam answers: Acura is the luxury car brand from Honda, which is a Japanese auto maker. In other words, yes, Acura vehicles are “foreign.”. However, many Acura vehicles are manufactured in the U.S., with plants in Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio producing Acura vehicles.

Is Acura TLX sports car or luxury?

The 2021 Acura TLX Is a Luxury Sports Sedan that BMW and Mercedes Should Worry About

What do Acura's Type-S mean?

The Type S badge denotes performance upgrades , made by Acura, to a base model's styling, aerodynamics, power delivery, handling, and/or stopping ability. Essentially, it's the Type R's relative. Who Came Up With the Type S and When Did It Originate?

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