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Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1 day Acuvue Define natural Shimmer contacts?

The result is a subtle, natural and alluring update to your eye’s colour that adds something special to your look. Convenient and highly comfortable to wear, 1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer contacts use LACREON® Technology to deliver hydration over the course of the whole day and keep your eyes feeling fresh.

What is natural Shimmer ®?

NATURAL SHIMMER ® highlights medium eyes. NATURAL SHINE ® adds contrast to dark eyes. Why Acuvue? Find a nearby doctor who can fit you with ACUVUE ® Brand Contact Lenses. *Free trial lenses available from participating eye doctors. Exam and fitting fees not included.

Which Acuvue Shimmer is best for dark eyes?

Dark eyes – Subtle highlights and contrast (i.e. a subtle look). 1-Day Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer is best for medium colored eyes, such as hazel, green, or light brown. A clean edge for improved limbal contrast.

What are the different types of Acuvue products?

Product Information. 1-Day Acuvue Define comes in five options to blend with all eye colors: Natural Sparkle, Natural Shimmer, Natural Shine, Accent Style, and Vivid Style. Natural Sparkle brings highlights and contrast to light eyes, softer highlights and depth to medium eyes, and brightening contrast to dark eyes.

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