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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Acuvue 2 and Oasys?

One of the biggest differences between Acuvue 2 and Oasys is the length of time that the user can wear them. Acuvue 2 is worn daily for two weeks and taken out at the end of each day. Oasys can be worn either two weeks daily or one to two weeks of daily wear with up to six consecutive nights without being taken out.

Can you wear regular contacts with astigmatism?

If you have astigmatism, chances are you have a difficult time finding contact lenses. Those with astigmatism can’t wear traditional soft lenses. Rather, they wear specialized lenses such as toric lenses. Toric lenses are specifically designed for patients with astigmatism, allowing for more object focus.

Do you have astigmatism?

How Astigmatism is Diagnosed. First signs that you may notice if you have astigmatism is that your vision is blurry at a distance as well as close up. You may feel tired after reading and may see letters and words as slanted. Squinting or tilting your head may improve the distorted vision if it is caused by astigmatism.

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