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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adrian Grenier live on a farm?

Adrian Grenier is loving life on his farm. In the June issue of Austin Life Magazine, the Entourage star, 44, opened up about his decision to leave Hollywood life behind in favor of living on a farm about 45 minutes outside of Austin, Texas. Get push notifications with news, features and more.

What happened to Adrian Grenier?

Adrian Grenier shot to fame after starring in the hit HBO series Entourage. Since then, Grenier has taken on several roles for both television and the big screen. However, the actor has mostly stayed out public eye whenever possible.

Who is Adrian Grenier from Shark Tank?

Adrian Grenier is a prominent American actor and musician. He is also an environmentalist, producer as well as a director. Further, Grenier is an entrepreneur. He, along with his partner Peter Glatzer, founded the lifestyle brand, back in 2010.

What did Adrian Grenier say about shiny memories?

"Certainly, there's lots of shiny memories that I crave, but I've done too much work not to recognize that I'm here for something bigger than going to nightclubs," said Adrian Grenier Adrian Grenier is loving life on his farm.

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