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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of alchemists supplies?

The Components: This alchemists supplies include two glass beakers, the metal frame for holding the breaker in the place over the open flame, the glass stirring rod, the small mortar and pestle, and also the pouch of a common alchemical ingredients, which includes the salt, powdered iron, and even purified water.

What is Alchemist's supplies in Harry Potter?

Alchemist's Supplies. Alchemical items include magical medicines, potions, poisons and concoctions made from not only plants, but caustic chemicals, acids and what some might consider dangerous or illegal substances. Alchemist's supplies contains a variety of instruments such as vials, burners, flasks and other components needed to pursue alchemy.

Can you craft healing potions with Alchemist's supplies?

Players proficient with Alchemist’s Supplies can also add their proficiency bonus to rolls used to craft alchemical potions, which does not include healing potions. All potions are magical, so using these supplies fall under the category of crafting magical items, which is always an involved, lengthy, and expensive process.

What is alchemical crafting in DND?

Alchemical Crafting: As per this supplies you are able to use this tool proficiency for creating the alchemical items. The character able to spend money for collecting different types of raw materials, which could weigh 1 pound for each and every 50 gp spent.

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