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Frequently Asked Questions

What is solid core vinyl siding?

Solid core vinyl siding has a foam core laminated to the back that interlock when they are installed on the home. The result is a solid foam barrier around the entire exterior of the home. This also helps in treating better insulation and better energy savings for the homeowner.

What is solid stone siding?

Solid stone siding. This product is a heavy weight piece of solid stone. The process of installation is like a puzzle, much like the others, and the result is a beautiful surface that can cover the entire facade of your home.

What is composite lap siding?

Siding, Hardboard. Definition. A composite lap or bevel hardboard siding laid either horizontally or vertically over the exterior wall. Hardboard is a composite of pressed wood fiber or wood fibers bonded with resins formed into a particular pattern or shape under heat and pressure.

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