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Frequently Asked Questions

Is and also redundant?

When the dust settles, the line will probably be amended to “and with your spirit.”. The speakers in the business meetings who throw in also after and may feel that the extra word adds weight to whatever it is they are saying. Generally speaking, “also” is redundant following “and.”.

Is the use of 'and also' together incorrect?

It is not incorrect to use "and also" together. Although we can say that it is not perfect English yet we sometimes use it just because we are not particular about grammar being correct and also because it is easy on the lips. "And" is used to join two clauses in a sentence ."Also" is used to emphasize the addition to the first clause.

How do you use also in a sentence?

“Also” is a conjunctive adverb. This means that it is used to connect two independent clauses together and to show the relationship between them. In the case of “ also ,” the connection between the two clauses tends to be one of addition. In other words, “also” is used when creating a list and you want to add something to that list.

Is also synonym?

The best 46 synonyms for also, including: additionally, as-well, in-addition, along-with, besides, plus, moreover, furthermore, further, similarly, more than that and more... Find another word for also at YourDictionary.

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