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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wii you Amiibo work on the switch?

How amiibo works on Nintendo Switch NFC readers are everywhere now. On the Wii U, the only way to send an amiibo into the digital world is via a little square on the Gamepad. Collecting time has begun! There are a ton of amiibo to collect and display, and some that have specifically launched for the Switch. The best amiibo for your favorite Switch games. ...

What Amiibo are compatible with Splatoon?

All of the Splatoon amiibo are compatible with the "Welcome amiibo" update. When scanned using Wisp, it summons an RV to the new "Campground", with an exclusive villager based on the character, who the player can optionally choose to live in his/her town. Either of the Inkling Boy, Girl or Squid amiibo summons Inkwell, a male octopus.

How do you use Amiibo?

Select "amiibo" and press the A Button. When prompted, place the amiibo figure on the Wii U Gamepad's NFC touchpoint. Select the owner of the amiibo by selecting "OK.". Press the A Button to use the current Mii, or select "Change Owner" to select a different Mii. You can always change the owner of the amiibo later if you wish.

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