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Frequently Asked Questions

Does joyjoycon Droid support writing data to Amiibos?

JoyCon Droid does not yet support writing data to amiibos. Examples of amiibos that can't be used are Wolf Link in Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and many other amiibos that need to be registered can't be used. The .bin you chose can be seen under NFC Binary Path.

Is there a way to scan Amiibo with your phone?

A while ago an android app was released called JoyConDroid which allows you to use your smartphone as a joycon or pro controller for the switch and scan amiibo .bin files. Unfortunately most people don't have a phone which is compatible (requires a samsung device on android 9.0 or higher).

What is joyjoycon Droid?

JoyCon Droid is an application for devices on Android 9 and higher that lets you use your phone as a Switch controller. Find information here. Root is now required after Switch system update 12.0.0

Can you touch the Amiibo with the controller?

Do not touch the real joycons or controller! Remove the joycons entirely, if possible, from the system. Remove other pro controllers. Send all buttons from the joycontrol app, instead of pressing the real buttons. You should get the game all ready to read the amiibo, then do the steps to attach the controller.

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