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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Amiibos work in BOTW?

What Does The Link’s Awakening Amiibo Do In Botw? The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening amiibo lets you summon Shadow Link.It’s dangerous not to go alone. …By using the amiibo, you’ll be able to add Shadow Link to Chamber Dungeons to give your game that extra bit of challenge.

Where can I buy Amiibos?

Thankfully, stock is being refreshed at multiple retailers--you can pre-order the Isabelle Amiibo from Best Buy and Target for its standard $16 price tag, though it won't arrive until April 17....

How many Amiibos exist?

amiibo Cards. amiibo Rarity Guide. There are a total of 149 amiibo released so far with more on the way. For the complete list of all amiibo cards that have been released so far, check out our ...

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