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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Yasuko Aoike?

Yasuko Aoike (青池 保子, Aoike Yasuko, born July 24, 1948 in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi) is a female Japanese manga artist. Most of her works are shōjo manga, predominantly focused on romance, adventure, and light comedy, and many of them contain elements of shōnen-ai.

How did Aoike grow up?

Aoike grew up as the youngest child in a large family (including five sisters and a brother) that owned a construction company, so in her childhood she was surrounded by the strong men employed by the company. Her father, an amateur artist who had studied ink wash painting under a master of the Southern School style, was a great influence on Aoike.

What is there to do in Aoike?

The sight of Aoike when the sunbeam shines through the trees is simply breathtaking. Within Juniko Station, the Juniko Visitor Center has many informational brochures about the area. There are also local produce shops and souvenir shops, coin lockers and temporary baggage storage available.

Why is Lake Aoike blue?

Aoike is a very special lake – as blue as if it were artificially colored. With a water visibility of 9 meters (29 feet), one can see withered beech trees lying submerged in the cobalt water. The reason for its blue color is still unknown, thus it truly is a mysterious lake.

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